3 Steps To Reliably Generate 10+ Pre-Qualified Appointments Per-Week Without Cold Prospecting

We’re in a new age.

It’s called the information age. People love to consume information. Whether they’re 25 years old, or 60 years old. The media they use to consume this information has also changed.

25 years ago, people would attend a seminar, a trade show, look up the yellow pages to find something, or read the paper. Now? It’s all online. And whether you want to admit it or not, there are over 2 billion people on Facebook, and half a billion people on LinkedIn (You’re reading this right now!).

Despite this, most talent acquisition professionals are living in the past –15 years in the past, to be exact. Your ideal client or candidate – whether they’re in HR at a large financial firm, or a 28 year old computer programmer, is sitting on Facebook and LinkedIn. Waiting for you. Yet you’re calling a landline. What a time we live in.

Anyways, let’s dive in to how you can generate 10+ appointments per-week without cold-prospecting.

There are three pillars to this war machine. You can’t skip any of them.

1.    Traffic

2.    Value

3.    Conversion


Most recruitment professionals are hesitant to advertise on Facebook and LinkedIn because they’re used to just advertising with Indeed/Monster, and cold calling. In our experience, if you’re NOT leveraging these platforms properly to grow your business, you’re losing hundreds of thousands of dollars a year, if not more.

Facebook advertising is the number-one way to generate new business, and it’s not even close. In terms of cpm (cost per 1000 views), it’s cheaper than every other method of advertising – TV, radio, cold-calling, newspaper, door-to-door, flyers, everything.

Not only is it cheap to reach people, but since Facebook has data on over 2 billion people, you can target (show your ads) to the people you actually want to show them to. Whatever your target client or candidate is, you can show ads to them.

LinkedIn is where most business owners and HR departments frequent to hire people. With 500 Million users (and growing exponentially), it’s the perfect place to get high value clients and demonstrate you can solve their hiring woes. A bit pricier than Facebook initially, but extremely powerful in obtaining a steady stream of high commission job orders every single month.

One of our clients wants technology job orders with a 25% commission fee, and average candidate salary of $90,000. That’s a $22,500 commission when the job order is filled.

This is feasible. No other marketing method allows you to do this – excluding you joining a fancy country club, or some executive networking group.


In the information age we’re currently in, simply advertising to your ideal client isn’t enough. You need to give them something of value in order to establish trust, and then ask for the close.

Our method for delivering this value is a webinar. Webinar’s are like seminars, but online, and they run 24/7 while you sleep. You record it once, and it’s there forever.

You create this webinar by doing what you would do for a seminar – create a slideshow with some unique, interesting content (to your ideal client). Diversity hiring tips and leveraging internal referrals for hiring top-tier talent always work well.

The idea here is to ‘pre-sell’ your ideal client on your content, as well as your brand, personality and offerings.


Webinar’s work well because they’re built to convert. They take a cold lead and turn them into a warm lead ready to book a consultation within the time-frame of the webinar (45-min to an hour).

The conversion process doesn’t end with the webinar, however. The webinar conversion rate is around 30% (30% of people who watch will book), but the real money comes from the indoctrination email sequence (follow-up emails). Ensure you have some great follow-up emails, and you will be swimming in appointments.

That’s really all you need. Those three steps, when combined, are changing the way recruitment professionals get candidates and new clients. There’s a common misconception that these people don’t consume material on Facebook; this is blatantly false.

Facebook & LinkedIn traffic combined with a webinar is the best way, without doubt, to close high-ticket offers. The statistics don’t lie – nothing can beat a webinar!

If you’re serious about business growth, and you want to start generating a reliable stream of pre-qualified, pre-sold appointments, AND start dominating your market, while ensuring the long-term viability of your recruitment business, book a complimentary appointment with us here.

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