The services are provided by SmartRefer Technologies Inc, professionally residing in Toronto, Canada. Please read this Agreement carefully. It sets out the terms and conditions under which we provide our services through the If you use the services or information provided by will be equivalent to your acceptance of the terms and conditions below. The terms and conditions may change over time. We recommend you to regularly check the Terms and Conditions of be up to date with any changes.
The responsibility for the information posted, the content of job advertisements and CVs lies exclusively to the users – applicants, employers and recruitment agencies. provides electronic support for adding data. not responsible for the reliability and accuracy of the data entered by users. The Users can be individuals and legal entities

CONFIDENTIALITY AGREEMENT team wants to protect the right to privacy and image of the portal users. We aim to provide you a secure online experience that does not negatively affect your personal life. In this respect we make every effort to ensure that the information you enter in our database are used only for your intended purposes.


Accessing or using the Users’ acceptance of the terms and conditions set forth herein. The terms and conditions of this Agreement will be complied with for accessing or using the Website and the updates, modifications, additions or changes brought to this Website. ZEN MARKETING INC. is required to manage the personal data you provide about yourself in a safely manner and solely for the intended purposes. The purpose of data collection is to provide service users the highest quality information and services. You have the right to access and interfere with the data, the right not to be subject to individual decisions, and the right to go to court. You also have the right to oppose the processing of your personal data and request data deletion. To exercise these rights you may submit an email to


The Confidentiality Agreement on the Personal Data Privacy Policy covers the method of processing the personal data that identifies you when using The data of legal entities, partners or not, using also taken into account.


In some areas of the websites, will require you to provide personal data, including your name, address, e-mail, phone, contact information, billing information for invoicing the services, and other information we can use to identify you. In other areas of our websites, collects or may collect demographic information that can’t be used to identify you, such as zip code, age, gender, your interests Sometimes we collect or may collect a combination of the two types of information. uses the information stored – the details provided by you upon registration and your activity on our websites – in order to facilitate access to the site, to improve certain products and services, and to inform you about the latest products and services you are interested in.


The personal data posted by users in public areas/domains belonging to, such as forums, chats, discussion groups may be copied and stored by third parties over which exercises no control. We are not responsible for third parties using information that you have posted or made available in public areas belonging to


We reserve the right ( which may be exercised at the time of our choice and without notice ) to delete, move or edit these posts or to restrict the access of some users to one of its communication platforms.
You are solely responsible for the content of your messages. Posting or sending messages through the communication platforms provided by Zen Marketing is subject to the following limitations:

– Ads published must be complete with all information or conditions that are related to the announcement.
– You may not publish, transmit or make reference to any type of message that contain a form widely recognized in society as ‘advertising’ to various categories of goods and services.
– You may not publish, transmit or referred users or members Zen Marketing any unsolicited commercial message, whether or not the reference is made through communication systems provided by Zen Marketing or through other means of communication .
– You may not publish, transmit or in any way refer to messages containing recommendations to buy or not to buy a particular product or service. Nor can publish or refer in any way to messages that contain confidential information, whether or not they are provided with the mention “confidential” or any other statement of this kind, or messages that are intended to affect price, image or the market value of a product or service.
– You may not publish, transmit or make reference to any text messages containing unlawful, threatening ,abusive, indecent, discriminatory or violate any third party rights or statutory provisions .
– You may not publish , transmit or in any way refer to messages containing viruses or any other code sequences that turn out to be destructive or that may interrupt, or limit the functionality Zen Marketing or any other computer systems (hardware or software ) .
– You can collect personally identifiable information from users or Zen Marketing members only for purpose of recruiting .
– You can not restrict or eliminate access of other users of communications platforms provided by Zen Marketing
– You may not publish, transmit or in any way refer to messages whose source is hidden .
– You may not publish , transmit or make reference to any ‘pyramid scheme’ or any other activity designed to defraud the trust of others, and any similar activities about which facts proved in the past to potential criminal or potential to deceive a normal user trust services Zen Marketing
– You may not publish material that Zen Marketing considers to be inappropriate , given the non-compliance with the terms of this Agreement. It is not necessary that there is a motivation to do so.


Whether they are personal, demographic, collective or technical data, we use the information collected from websites in order to administer the registration of your accounts, to solve your questions, improve our website, to consult the users for improving the quality of our products and services. The use of personal data by is in accordance with the legal regulations related to the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and the free movement of such data.

SHARING AND DISCLOSURE OF PERSONAL INFORMATION shall not transmit (by sale or rental) your personal data to third parties. can, however, transmit the data to third parties in the following cases:
– With your approval;
– If the transmission of data is necessary to provide products and services requested by you;
– If the data is needed by the company’s partners to improve or facilitate some services or products requested by you. Our partner companies have the right to use the personal data provided directly by only to the extent their assistance is necessary.
– We may share personal data to public authorities or institutions as required by law or good faith, if:
(a) it is requested by a legal provision;
(b) it protects the rights of company or its affiliated companies;
(c) it prevents a crime or protects national security;
(d) it protects the personal safety of users or the public safety;
(e) the information is necessary in order to solve different situations.
– If your activities are against the terms and conditions stated by or against the instructions for use of certain products and services;
– If merges or is acquired wholly or partly by another company, the database is transferred to the new operator. If becomes insolvent, voluntarily or involuntarily, the database may be sold, licensed, traded by the liquidator, administrator or buyer. If any of the foregoing situations occur, you will be notified by e-mail or through a notice posted on


We give you the opportunity to register your own resume (CV) in our database. The third parties (the persons requiring’ CVs search service) who have access to our database will have access to your CV. If they want, they can unlock your contact details and you may be contacted by them. We try to limit access to our database solely to employers, human resource companies, personnel managers, HR professionals, and agencies/institutions of national security, but we cannot guarantee that other third parties will not have access to our database. undertakes no responsibility for the use of CVs by third parties who have accessed the CVs while being in our database. You may delete your CV from our database at any time by accessing your account, ‘My Account’ section, and following the instructions for account deletion. Your CV may still be in our database if employers, recruiters, personnel managers, HR professionals have paid for a copy of our database, or if third parties have earned the right to access our database. We are not responsible for this kind of data storage. If you post someone else’s personal data it is necessary for that person to have previously consented to that action.

YOUR RIGHT TO MODIFY AND DELETE YOUR PERSONAL DATA REGISTERED BY THE OPERATOR allows users to edit the contact details registered, some aspects you are interested in, including new information on the products and services launched. Also, you can request the operator at anytime to delete your data.


For data privacy and security, the account is protected by a password.

FEEDBACK enables the users of its website to send comments, questions, and suggestions. Any information that is sent via the contact forms will be used taking into account the persons’ right to privacy and image.


If we consider that a change to the Privacy Policy is necessary, we will post those changes on this page to inform you about the types of information we collect and how we use them. If you have any questions about our Privacy Policy, please contact us at office[at] All information published on property of No fragment can be reproduced without the approval of

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