The Recruitment Consultant Killer – Madness of Crowds

Recruitment consultants and boutique firms often don’t last long in their careers – most failing to survive the 3-year mark. For those that do, they seldom cross the line from the average recruiter to the best of the best.

When I was a partner at a recruitment firm many years ago, I gained first-hand insight into why most recruiters fail – the way they’re taught to grow their business is outdated, ineffective and frankly detrimental to success.

I’ve spoken to over 100 recruitment consultants in the last week alone, and without variance, they all generate new business by cold-calling/emailing, LinkedIn messages (majority of which are seen as spam), or some variation of job fairs.

When every one of your competitors is doing the same thing, you’re no longer unique. You’re an average market participant, without the ability to have an objective opinion.

Me: “Why do you cold-call in 2018?”

Recruiter: “I was trained to do it this way. It’s the only way to get job orders.”

This is called the madness of crowds. Recruitment consultants believe “the way it’s being done, and has been done before is the way to do something now.” People align with their family, friends, social network, and society itself. It’s hard to tell someone they’re wrong – even when they are.

The key to success as a recruiter is really simple, because the market is currently distorted. Recruitment consultants don’t know how to prospect in 2019.

For the savvy recruiter, this is incredible…because opportunity arises where markets are distorted from the truth. If you’re a stock market investor, this principle is not foreign to you.

All of your competition is behind the eight ball.

You may even be doing well as a recruitment consultant, but you’re not doing as well as you could if you understand how ineffective all of the current ways of marketing to prospects are.

The most effective way to market to prospects, is through ethical online marketing. That’s what we help recruitment teams do – ethically market to your ideal prospects online with a message that actually resonates with them.

If you want to take your business to the next level, and stand out from the competition, send us a message and we’ll see if we’re a good fit.

We hope this helped, and hope that you seriously take it to heart.

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