The Staffing Industry Landscape In 2020

The recruitment industry is being constricted. 

Constricted by fee compression, artificial intelligence, and the decline of many trades, retail and labor jobs over the next 10 years.

Despite these fast, and aggressive changes in how talent is being found and hired, it’s my opinion that Recruitment Consultants, Recruitment Firms and those in the Staffing industry in general….

…haven’t changed at all. 

Let me explain…

As the world shifts online, and places a heavy premium on specialists, Recruitment Consultants are doing the complete opposite. 

Sure, they have a LinkedIn profile, and maybe a Facebook page — but they’re generalizing their approach to these two platforms. 

They’re trying to appease everyone.

They have no clear market. “Post and Pray” is their main tool.

With this broad-spectrum approach, they get less than stellar results. 

Think of it like this…

Who gets paid more?

The general practitioner, or the surgeon?

The surgeon. 

The surgeon has the better office, the nicer view, and more recognition. 

Specialists get richly rewarded

The GP? No one knows their name.

They’re paid less. 

They have the dark office in the basement of some strip-mall. 

What does this all mean?

If you’re a Recruitment Consultant or Firm, and you don’t specialize — and by that I mean pick one market to serve — you’re going to disappear into obscurity like the Dodo bird.

I’m not saying you’ll go out of business.

But you will be leaving a lot of money on the table.

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