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Helping recruitment teams build relationships & win new business by leveraging personalized, authentic outreach.

Before Zen, our digital marketing recruitment strategy was basically "Post & Pray". As the years went by, we found reaching candidates and getting new clients became increasingly more difficult. We were behind the eight-ball. After working with the Zen team, we increased our monthly revenue by 15% for 6 months straight, while decreasing cold outreach by 20%.
Ann Davy
Founder at Eagle's Eye Recruiting

86% of the most qualified candidates are already employed and not actively seeking a new job.

The recruitment industry is a hyper competitive, cutthroat business. Recruiters are battling each other for the exact same candidates, using the exact same prospecting methods.

If you want to differentiate yourself from your competitors in 2020, you need to start providing massive amounts of upfront, personalized value to prospective candidates before ever directly reaching out.

50% of Recruitment agencies use cold calling as their Only method to get new clients

Cold calling is dying. The success rate of cold calling (to get an initial conversation at least) in 2019 is between 1%-3%.

When that same call is made with a referral or recognition of your brand from your prospect, the success rate jumps up to 40%.

The best way to increase your revenue is to re-balance your workload, and focus on the 20% of the tasks which produce 80% of your results.

74% of Recruiters spend 10 hours or more per week on admin tasks

Recruitment is a people-centric business, and that won’t be changing anytime soon.

But to attract the best clients and candidates requires automating the right parts of the process, allowing more time for relationship-building and assessing a good fit from both sides.

What we do

Specialized Recruitment Funnels

Attract, educate, and convert clients & candidates online using a system that runs automatically, without having to lift a finger. 

We create custom-designed online marketing systems for recruitment consultants that will fill your calendar with pre-qualified, pre-sold leads that are itching to book appointments & interviews with you.

Our high-conversion systems work because they combine 3 things:

  • Super-targeted Facebook, Instagram and Google ads that get shown to your ideal client or candidate. 
  • Value-giving, automated webinars that build authority and trust, leading prospects to book an appointment or interview with you at the end. 
  • Chatbots to qualify and nurture clients and candidates over time who are in different stages of your recruitment funnel. We build with Drift, which also allows you to jump into a conversation with qualified people on your site or viewing the webinar in real-time. 

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